Ok...I know you probably hate anons, But I felt like dropping in with a little history lesson. I was scrolling around on ask hetastuck when I noticed you missed a big part of history between the hetalia fandom and the homestuck fandom. Where hussieruya probably helped push along the bond between the fans, fandomstuck helped homestuck get along with everyone. Mostly hetalia, since it was their idea. A hetalia fan helped out homestuck fans and soon everyone got in on it and it became a thing.


that’s ridiculous i don’t hate anons!! they’re welcome to come to talk to me whenever it’s totally fine!

i don’t really remember that part (ok that’s a lie i definitely remember fandomstuck but it seemed like it just popped up out of nowhere) and i don’t really remember any greater bond between the fans besides the ones who were already interested in homestuck as welll…

i’ll just reblog this to askhetastuck as clarification since i can’t say much on it myself then


So I’m sure all of us have heard of the gigapause by now. If not, go check on the MSPA site. OK, now that you’re back, let’s continue.

So here we are. We have one more update. Then it’s over. Let’s just promise ourselves to appreciate that one last time where we’ll laugh and cry, share reactions, draw update art, and wrap up theories. Just like the old days.


OK i’m gonna come right out and say it. i’m really sorry that i’ve never been an active poster in general, and have slacked off for weeks at a time. after thinking a while i think it’s better if i quit completely. the school year is starting up for me again, and it’s gonna be the most important (and the most stressful) one so far, and i dunno if i can handle an askblog along with that.

again, i’m really sorry about this. i started it for fun and also because there was a lot of hostility between the two fandoms back then. now the two fans get along, so the reason i created this is sorta defunct now. i’m also not as into hetalia anymore, unfortunately.

i’ll still leave this blog up, for god knows whoever wants to come back and look once in a while. maybe i’ll look back occasionally for nostalgic memories. and if you do wanna keep checking out my art (for some reason) then go for my art tag at my main blog, tifannilly

it’s been fun, guys. go out there and hetastuck like the wild kids you are.

we made it to the grand triple o. what a day to remember.

we made it to the grand triple o. what a day to remember.

FL: come bak AFTER u’ve been 2 more wars than u can remember

TG: rn’t u known 4 bein a good drinker????

matthew-kuroba replied to your post “I a bit new to these fandoms but I’m confused what’s the history between homestuck and hetalia?”

I think the reason they became friends was that someone started shipping their creators with each other. I was supposedly so funny that both fandoms forgot their feuds and became friends. HussiexHima is really the weirdest crack pairing out there…

ah yes i remember those days. this background is a relic from those ancient and strange times. [places hand on computer screen nostalgically]

I a bit new to these fandoms but I'm confused what's the history between homestuck and hetalia?

okay, so a long time ago when homestuck was starting to get really popular on tumblr a lot of people who were into hetalia sorta migrated into the homestuck fandom, and some of them started saying how bad hetalia was and how great homestuck was. this sparked up some anger on both sides which blew up into this semi-big fight.

there was a lot of hostility between the two groups of fans, which made no sense because there was pretty much no relation between the two pieces of media EXCEPT for the fans themselves. i was really new to homestuck at that point, so i’m not too clear about what was going on then.

so this hostility continued, and then as time went on it became more indifferent, which is about when i started up this askblog, and then one day they became best friends. i have no idea what happened there. perhaps we finally came over our differences and realized our interests don’t decide who we are. who cares if one doesn’t have arms and is too long, and the other had their writer disappear for months? it doesn’t change the fact that we’re a bunch of nerds talking about fictional characters online.

now the two fandoms got each others’ backs for forever and a day

just some clarification, the initials for the hetalia characters’ text is based off of their human name, so honda kiku would be HK, arthur kirkland AK, alfred f jones, AJ, and so on. hong kong would be another combination of letters, that i’ll figure out one day if i ever incorporate him in a question